The growing adoption of containerization and container orchestration has amplified the need for secure and controlled distribution of container images.
This talk delves into the process of distributing private container images and OCI artifacts,
examining the strengths and weaknesses of various solutions in relation to specific use cases,
such as software sales and customized builds for clients.

We compare different approaches, beginning with hosted registries that provide cost-effectiveness, streamlined implementation,
and minimal maintenance, although they possess inherent limitations. Subsequently, we investigate a range of open-source solutions,
from turnkey options that are user-friendly and low-maintenance but may offer limited integration capabilities,
to constructing fully bespoke solutions using low-level building blocks, which grant extensive customization possibilities.

Join us as we navigate the ever-evolving world of constructing private container distribution using open-source software
and assist you in determining the most appropriate approach tailored to your unique needs and requirements.